The Amazon rainforest captivates the imagination of any traveler to South America. Birders and wildlife enthusiasts will have read about it years before they actually have the opportunity to visit the world’s greatest tropical forest biome. The names of such early naturalists as Alexander Von Humboldt, Henry Walter Bates, Emilie Snethlage, Alfred Russell Wallace, and Theodore Roosevelt have become synonymous with Amazonian exploration, and for many, represent the enthralling mystery, magic, and possibility for new discoveries held within this grand forest.

The Amazon basin occupies parts of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. The majority of its area lies in Brazilian territory, and in fact Amazônia makes up 49.29% of Brazil’s area – all of the states of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia and Roraima, and parts of Maranhão, Tocantins, and Mato Grosso. The Brazilian portion of the Amazon alone is 27% larger than India. The Amazon river system drains roughly 20% of the world’s fresh water, and the basin holds more than a third of the world’s tropical forests, along with dizzying biodiversity. To date, in excess of 40,000 plant species, ca. 430 mammals, more than 3,000 fishes, and some 1300 bird species have been catalogued in the Amazon. Biodiversity surveys in the vast region are scarce, and the majority of the Amazon Basin has been poorly sampled; cryptic species have doubtlessly gone overlooked to date, and we can expect many new discoveries from the Amazonian rainforests in the years to come still.

A customized birding tour to the Amazon is not only a great way to see more species of birds than you can imagine. It is also a journey to the lungs of the Earth, and a natural history extravaganza without parallel. At first glance the rich and mystifying tapestry of life in the Amazon can be difficult to spot amongst an unending green backdrop, but with patience and an attentive eye we are privileged to catch a glimpse into the intricate web of interaction between plants, animals, insects, and the evironment. Agami Nature Tours would be delighted to share an Amazonian experience with you: beyond showing you as much wildlife as possible, we also try to educate, entertain, and inform.


Agami Nature Tours is proud to offer tailor-made custom tours to all points in the Brazilian Amazon. Please take a look at a few suggested itineraries which we have been perfecting with each trip we do in the Amazon. These are amongst our most popular tours, but by no means are they our only offerings! Check out the interactive map of birding sites in the Amazon on this page if you are interested in more remote or lesser known sites in the Brazilian Amazon.

  • Brazil’s Best Amazon Lodges
    Simply the best of the southern Amazon. A bird list exceeding 600 species at two lovely lodges, Cristalino and Rio Azul. Great food, wild rivers, amazing primates, and the best canopy towers.… Read More
  • Heart of the Amazon
    Two weeks birding the terra firme, river islands and flooded forests east and west of the Rio Negro in and around Manaus. Canopy towers, boat trips, and a Cock-of-the-Rock lek.… Read More
  • Southwest Amazon Megas
    Intensive trip searching for the rarest birds of the southern Amazon. We split time between the Madeira-Tapajós and Inambari centres of endemism. Rondônia Bushbird and much more.… Read More
  • Pira Açu Lodge: Remote Rio Aripuanã
    A week at the Pira Açu Lodge, an exciting new destination on the Aripuanã river in the southern Amazon. Rondonia Bushbird, Rufous Potoo, Nocturnal Curassow, Pale-faced Bare-eye, Crimson Fruitcrow and much more –… Read More
  • Amazonia National Park
    Home to evocative endemics including Golden Parakeet, Pale-faced Bare-eye, Harlequin Antbird, Brown-chested Barbet, White-crested Guan, Black-bellied Gnateater. One of the most under-rated destinations in all of Brazil.… Read More


Our Favourite Amazon Lodges

  • Cristalino Lodge
    There is little doubt that the Cristalino Lodge is the top birding destination in the Brazilian Amazon. A trail system with more than 20 kilometres of trails, a beautiful untouched blackwater river, and two fantastic 50-metre canopy towers put birders within reach of nearly 600 species of birds. The elegant, luxurious accommodations and personalized attention mean the lodge is rightfully considered one of the finest eco-hotels in Brazil.… Read More
  • Rio Azul Jungle Lodge
    A charming family-run lodge located at the edge of the massive Serra do Cachimbo reserve in an ecotone between tall Amazonian rainforest and more stunted white sand “campinarana” forests. Floating down the beautiful river flanked by untouched forests as southern Amazonian endemics pop up in the treetops all around you is an unforgettable experience. Comfortable accommodations, great birding right at your doorstep, and terrific food make this a world class birding destination.… Read More
  • PiraAçu Lodge
    A sport-fishing lodge that has recently been discovered by birders, Pira Açu Lodge is surrounded by impressive Amazonian rainforest in all directions. Situated within the Madeira-Tapajós centre of endemism, a mouth-watering list of rarities have already been found here including Rondonia Bushbird, Nocturnal Curassow, Pale-faced Bare-eye, White-breasted Antbird and Crimson Fruitcrow.… Read More