The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the most threatened environments in the world. Only seven per cent remains of the original one million square kilometres that the biome once covered across eastern Brazil from its northernmost reaches in North-east Brazil south down the eastern coast to Rio Grande do Sul, and inland to Argentina and Paraguay. Two of South America’s largest cities – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – are found within the biome, and the bulk of Brazil’s population and industry occupies an area that was once covered with Atlantic Forest. Approximately 900 bird species occur in the Atlantic Forest, roughly 240 of which are either endemic or nearly endemic to the ecosystem.


The Atlantic rainforests of east and south-east Brazil are replete with enticing destinations, including some of the top birding locales in all of South America. We offer below two of our favourite Atlantic Forest itineraries. Our Crown Jewels of the Atlantic Rainforest tour is ideal for a first-time visitor to Brazil who is looking to see the major chunk of the regional endemics while birding in the largest remaining blocks of the world’s Atlantic rainforest. Our Land of the Cherry-throated Tanager itinerary has a narrower focus, combining a dedicated effort to search for the Critically Endangered Cherry-throated Tanager with a multiple-night visit to the lowland tabuleiro forests, haunt of the Red-billed Curassow. We have several other itineraries that visit parts of the Atlantic Forest, including our Treasures of Minas Gerais itinerary, our Suprising South Brazil trip, and our North-east Endemic Extravaganza. * The latter two tours are currently offline, but please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Land of the Cherry-throated Tanager
    A short tour in Espirito Santo state featuring Cherry-throated Tanager, Red-billed Curassow and much more. This itinerary covers the best sites in the state targeting an excellent variety of endangered Atlantic Forest endemics.… Read More
  • Crown Jewels of the Atlantic Rainforest
    Classic tour visiting the finest sites in the Atlantic rainforest. Colourful endemic tanagers, berryeaters, and bellbirds, along with a long list of amazing antbirds. Several stops have excellent feeders.… Read More
  • Treasures of Minas Gerais
    One of our favourite tours. The spectacular state of Minas Gerais offers some of the country’s best birding and top mammals, against a backdrop of stunning scenery in the Cerrado region.… Read More